He never quite finishes his reaction of “Aw sh ” when he realises he hasn’t got his gun on him, when he and Sherlock go after the Golem. Didn’t See That Coming: Sherlock has this twice, about thirty seconds apart, in the confrontation at the pool: When Sherlock first shows up at the pool and starts talking to the then unseen Moriarty, he is filled with confidence and bravado. which is why he was poisoned. The Dog Was the Mastermind: Moriarty is revealed to be Molly’s boyfriend Jim, who showed up briefly earlier in the episode. Though this last was guessable, considering “Jim” is a nickname for “James”. Double Take: When Sherlock discovers at the police station that Lestrade (and the other cops) reads John’s blog, after Lestrade gives a Title Drop of the first episode (which was, In Universe, named by the title of John’s blog post):Lestrade: What, from ‘A Study in Pink’?

The other Fukov in In the Pirkinning on the other hand is dumb enough to survive for most of the movie he manages to malfunction his ship badly enough to avoid partaking in the big battle, deciding to watch from the sidelines and not worry too much about getting the repairs done. On the other hand http://www.themadhattershow1865.com/2013/08/02/the-beatles-were-nominated-that-year-for-revolver/, he apparently caused the Chernobyl disaster because he was cold. Trigger Happy: Pirk. He even uses his hand twinkler for fixing a clogged toilet if need be. Kickstart. He manages to be exactly as inept as his descendant. Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: Pirk is a cowardly, bullying idiot who happens to have some understanding in battle tactics and phenomenal luck. He only got to join P Fleet by taking the place of his identical twin brother, who died shortly after getting a position. Wave Motion Gun: The Excavator from In the Pirkinning has got an extremely powerful main weapon which, however, leaves the entire ship devoid of electricity for one minute after being fired. Even the heating shuts down, and it’s very cold in space. Well Intentioned Extremist: Despite all the evil actions of Pirk in In The Pirkinning, he does have genuinely noble goals going into it. The human race was supposed to unify by the time the film takes place, brought together by the Vulgars and their incredible technology. Instead, they have been corrupted by Cochbrane’s music and have abandoned their plans to uplift humanity, to the point that on the day in the prime timeline that Antimateriel Reactors were supposed to have been perfected (allowing for the evolution of Twist Drive), the new timeline has the headline being the total abandonment of space exploration. He even directly references that without P Fleet, Earth will have no defense against alien threats like the Korg (who are responsible for them being there in the first place). However, all of this immediately stops being well intentioned the moment Pirk decides he should be the emperor to lead them. Fukov receives an order for light balls, but, due the terrible transmission quality, he mishears it an order for some drinks (“light beer” in the English version). All we hear is the bottles harmlessly shattering against the enemy ship’s hull, allowing any translators to stick whichever form of alcohol they want in the subtitles. The official site has an annotated translation to help any translators who can’t speak Finnish.

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