Pepper Sauce

September 25, 2011 Pepper Sauce a useful sauce to serve with many dishes such as Steaks, Chicken and the German dishes Frikadellen and Potato Dumplings.  This recipe calls for green peppercorns but you can use any colour peppercorns or even a mixture. Ingredients 2.5ml/½tbsp vegetable oil 1 small onion, peeled and finely chopped 150ml/5fl oz dry white wine {Tags: , , , , , , } {More...}

Frikadellen (German style Meat Patties)

Frikadellen (German style Meat Patties) are a very popular German meat dish and are often served with potato salad, German Dumplings or Sauerkraut.  They are quick to make and as an alternative you can serve them with a sauce such as pepper or mushroom sauce.   500 g minced meat (a mix of pork and {Tags: , , , , } {More...}