Boxty – Traditional Irish Potato Cakes

December 2, 2011 Boxty – Traditional Irish Potato Cakes a good way to use up leftover mashed potatoes and can be served alone or with meat or fish. Ingredients 250g mashed potato (warm) 60g plain flour 30g butter, melted   Method Put the mashed potato in a bowl, pour the butter over and sift in flour. Knead to {Tags: , , , } {More...}

Poached Eggs

November 4, 2011 Poached eggs a quick way to serve eggs and one of the best low calorie ways to cook them.  Good on toast or on top of  Bubble & Squeak.  There are many ways to cook poached eggs this is just one of them Ingredients Eggs 1 teaspoon vinegar Salt and pepper to serve Method Bring {Tags: , , , , , } {More...}

Bubble & Squeak

Bubble & Squeak a traditional recipe for using up leftover potatoes and vegetables.  This traditional English dish is usually served on a Monday using the leftover vegetables from Sunday lunch.  Delicious on it’s own but great served with a poached or fried egg. Ingredients There are no set ingredients or measurement but you will need {Tags: , , , } {More...}