Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

December 28, 2011 Pasta with Roasted Vegetables is easy to make and low in fat.  You can use the vegetables and pasta of your choice. A good tasty lunch or supper dish. Ingredients 8 oz. Rigatoni, Mostaccioli, or other medium pasta shape, uncooked 1 pound fresh mixed vegetablesof your choice such as: (green beans, red onions, sugar snap {Tags: , , , } {More...}

Roasted Tomato Sauce

Sauces and Dips
December 14, 2011 Roasted Tomato Sauce can be made in advance to use to accompany meat or fish dishes or you can use it as the topping base for pizzas.  It will keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer. Ingredients 1kg/2lb 4oz halved, ripe tomatoes 3 cloves of garlic slices {Tags: , , , } {More...}

Gnocci with Tomato Sauce

November 4, 2011 Gnocci with Tomato Sauce.  Gnocci are little potato dumplings usually served as a first course in Italy.  This is recipe is served with Basic Tomato Sauce but you can serve them with Pesto or  Ragù di carne a Bolognaise Sauce. Ingredients 800 g (1 ¾ lb) floury potatoes 200 g (7 oz) White flour 1 Egg {Tags: , , , , } {More...}

Traditional English Pork Pie

Savoury Pies
October 26, 2011 Traditional English Pork Pie made from hot water pastry which is very easy to make and difficult to get wrong.  Pork pie is a very traditional English pie which is normally served cold.  Pork Pies are a great addition to a picnic basket Ingredients For the Hot Water Pastry 4 fl oz water 4 oz {Tags: , , , } {More...}

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup everybody’s favourite soup.  This is a very easy recipe and can be served with Cheese and Garlic Bread or Granary Bread a great winter warmer. Ingredients 6 medium ripe tomatoes – 700g / 1½lb 1 medium potato -110g / 4oz 1 medium onion – 110g / 4oz chopped Handful fresh basil leaves – 15g {Tags: , , , , } {More...}

Cheese Straws

October 14, 2011 Cheese Straws are perfect for dipping or on their own and are ideal for parties.  Quick and easy to make they bake in just 15 minutes.  There are many reecipes for cheese straws but this one is tried and tested and always delicious. Ingredients 100 g (4 oz) Self Raising Flour pinch of salt pinch {Tags: , , , , } {More...}

Yoghurt Sauce with Garlic

Sauces and Dips
October 7, 2011 Yoghurt Sauce with Garlic a versatile sauce that can be served with many dishes such as kebabs and is a great low-fat alternative to mayonaise.  Can be used as a dip for chips, crisps or tacos too or with sausages and burgers. Ingredients 16 oz. plain cold yogurt 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 tablespoons lemon {Tags: , , , , } {More...}

Honey Roast Ham with Cloves

October 5, 2011 Honey Roast Ham with Cloves a great table centre for a buffet or for a special occasion.  The ham can be served hot with a white sauce or tomato sauce or served cold with a salad or in sandwiches. Ingredients 1 ready-to-eat 10 to 12 lb. ham with the bone 3 tbsp. Dijon mustard 1 {Tags: , , , } {More...}

Hand-made Pasta

September 28, 2011 Hand-made Pasta is easy to make and can be cut or formed into various shapes.  You can freeze the dough so that you will have it to hand whenever you want to make a quick pasta meal. Ingredients 2 cups flour 3 teaspoons salt 3 eggs (beaten) 1 tablespoon olive oil   Method Into a {Tags: , , , , , } {More...}

Tangy Cashew Nut Dip

Sauces and Dips
September 7, 2011 Tangy Cashew Nut Dip can be served with a platter of raw vegetables for a healthy alternative starter or with cold meats.  It is very easy to make and can be served hot or cold.   As it takes a while to cook give yourself anough time or cook the day before. Ingredients 8oz cream {Tags: , , , , } {More...}