Sausage Rolls perfect picnic food, party food or suppertime snack.  Make sure to use a good sausage meat or you can buy good sausages and take them out of their skins.  You can use specialised sausages, suck as pork and leek or tomato sauasages for a tastier  sausage roll.


225 g (8 oz) frozen puff pastry (thawed)Sausage Rolls

225 g (8 oz) sausage meat

Beaten egg to glaze


Pre-heat oven to 230ºC, 450ºF, Gas Mark 8

Divide the pastry in two and roll each half into a long strip of approximately 7.5 cm (3 inch) wide

With floured hands roll the sausage meat to the same length as the pastry strips

Place onto the pastry and roll up sealing the edges with a little water

Cut the rolls into the lengths you prefer

Make 3 cuts on the top of each roll then place onto a greased baking tray

Glaze with the egg

Bake in the oven until golden brown about 20 minutes



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