Venus Jones Only Sane Woman. The least dysfunctional person on the crew (relatively speaking), and the main character in the campaign. Tami La Belle Alcoholic slacker. Dean Jefferson Brown medical student, obsessed with cleanliness. Barbara Leechworth Old, cantankerous Corrupt Corporate Executive. Daisy Willowreed Granola Girl. Billy Bob Perkins Friendly but dumb former chicken farmer. Greg Chesterton Egotistical sexist jerk. Candy Simspons Dumb Blonde shopaholic. Stig Svensson Norwegian biker. Babette Devereux Rich Bitch. Utterly and hilariously useless. Hoshi and Kita ‘Nailer’ McBride Violent Glaswegian football fan/convicted murderer. Capt. Charles Worthington Stereotypical Officer and a Gentleman type guy. Nikolai Volkov Ukrainian scientist. Ashia Green Former athlete obsessed with fitness. Vasilios Cosmos Emotionless Guy, keeps going on about the stars. Bhoomi Sharma Elderly lady from India. Mr Zhang Cool Old Guy. The only cybernetics expert in the game; can build androids and such. ‘Slim’ Spoiled 15 year old skater punk who was abandoned by his parents for being annoying.

A Day in the Limelight: Each member of the band got to have a song where they sang lead vocals: Rachel “I Really Miss You”, “Natural” and an alternate version of “Alive” with her vocals instead of Jo’s. Jon “Sunshine”, “Someday, Somewhere”. Bradley “Spiritual Love,” I’ll Keep Waiting”. Hannah “Dance Dance Dance”, “Hey Kitty Kitty”. Paul “Love Train”, “Good Times”. Tina “I’ll Be There”, “Secret Love,” and the B Side “Discotek,” which she co wrote. In addition their albums each have a “girls song” (Bring It All Back from S Club) and a “boy’s song” (Reach from 7) with solos given out to each member of both genders. The Adjectival Superhero: One of their songs refers to them as “The One and Only Wonderful S Club.” Affectionate Parody: The first episode of LA 7 is a parody of The Blair Witch Project. All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Bradley apparently hooked up with a group of cheerleaders in an episode of LA 7. Ambiguously Jewish: Paul references Rachel’s Judaism in an episode of Miami 7 by saying that bacon isn’t good for her, but other than that it was never acknowledged on the show. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: In Miami 7 Howard is sent to court for illegally working the band. To end the hearing the judge finds him guilty: Judge: You exploited these people, worked them like dogs, tried to deceive the law, and your shirt is just awful.”.

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