Most of us like pickled onions but Home-made Pickled Onions are a little bit extra special.  You can pickle then in jars of plastic containers but you must test because as vinegar is acid there may be a reaction. Leave a little vinegar in the container overnight to see if there is a reaction.


2¼ lbs/ 1 kg pickling onions, peeled*
4 tsp pickling spices or
½tsp coriander seeds, ½tsp mustard seed, ½tsp black peppercorns, ½tsp dried chili flakes, pinch of dried bay leaf.Home Made Pickled Onions
1 oz / 27g salt
35 fl oz/ 1 liter malt vinegar
6 oz/ 170g sugar


Sprinkle the salt over the peeled onions, stir and leave them overnight. Next day rinse the onions and dry with kitchen paper

Place all the spices, vinegar and sugar into a large stainless steel pan. Heat to dissolve the sugar but do not allow it to boil.

Pack the onions into clean, sterilized jars.

Pour over the vinegar and spice liquid to fill the jars, make sure  there are some of the prices in each jar.

Seal the jars and leave to cool.

The onions can be used after one month but the longer you leave them the better the taste

After you have opened a jar keep it refrigerated.

*An easy way to peel onions is to top and tail them then plunge them into boiling water, leave them to cool then the skins will come off easily.


The keep  metal lids and mason jars from rusting as a reaction to the vinegar place a piece of cling film over the jar before sealing. Always tap the top of the jar before sealing to get rid of any air bubbles.


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