Creme Chantilly originates from the town of Chantilly in Picardy, in the late 17th century and is a classic for many French desserts.  It was created by the French Chef  Vatel for a banquet for Louis XIV,

At one of Fouquet’s banquets at the Château de Chantilly (Chantilly Castle) in the Picardy region.

IngredientsCreme Chantilly

84ml/10fl oz whipping cream
1 vanilla pod
icing sugar, to taste


Place ethe creme in a food processor

Split the vanilla pod and add the seeds to the cream

Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks.

Add icing sugar, to taste, and mix in gently

This delicious cream is easy to make and can make a simple dessert more sophisticated.  I like to serve it with fresh strawberries when they are in season. See the Tarte Tatin recipe



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