Brandy Sauce traditionally served with Christmas Pudding.  You can make this sauce a few days in advance, keep it in the fridge and then just reheat it on Christmas Day.

IngredientsBrandy Sauce

2oz/55g butter
2oz/55g plain flour
1 pint/570ml milk
2oz/55g fine/caster sugar
5 tbsp Brandy or Sherry


Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat, add the flour and stir to create Roux (a thick paste)

Cook for 1 minute taking care not to let it burn

Slowly add the milk using a hand whisk and keep the mixture moving all the time

Continue to whisk  until the sauce thickens(about 5 minutes)

Do not have the heat too high or the sauce may burn at the bottom

Add the sugar and whisk until it has dissolved

On a low heat cook for a further 5 minutes stirring regularly

Add the brandy and stir well

Serve with Christmas Pudding


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