Easy to make Blackberry and Apple Jam delicious on toast or scones or to use in a Sponge Sandwich Cake.  Make sure you have warm sterilized jars ready to put the jam into when it is ready and put a plate in the freezer ready for the testing.

IngredientsBlackberry and Apple Jam

2bs blackberries
1 lbs apples
3 lbs sugar


Wash the blackberries and leave them to soak in cold water for a few minutes to make sure there are no maggots inside them. The drain them well.

Peel and core the apples and cut them into slices

Put all the ingredients into a heavy bottomed pan and heat slowly until all the sugar has dissolved and the mixture resembles liquid stirring all the time

Bring the pan to the boil and keep boiling for about 30 minutes removing any scum that appears on the surface

Now you will need your cold plate to do the set test

Drop a teaspoonful of the mixture onto the plate it should stay on the plate and not run after 30 seconds the jam should set and form a skin on top and is firm to the touch.  If not keep boiling the jam until you get a positive test.

Transfer the jam into sterilized jars and store.

The Jam should be stored in a cool, dry, dark location and will keep for up to one year.


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