ABORTION BATTLE MOVES TO TENNESSEE, MISSISSIPPI Chattanooga Free Press Times Emily Bregel reports: bill that critics say would constrain significantly access to medically needed abortions easily passed the Tennessee General Assembly last week, but legislators appear starkly divided in their assessments of what the bill actually does. The language of the bill, which is awaiting approval or veto from Gov. Phil Bredesen, prohibits the coverage of abortion in any health plan offered through the state insurance exchange that would be created in 2014 under the federal health care reform bill. The text of the bill makes no mention of any exception for the case of rape, incest or if the mother health is in danger. But a number of the bill supporters said they thought the bill was primarily intended to ensure that taxpayer dollars would not be used for abortion coverage in the state health insurance exchange. They also believed that it did not affect long standing exceptions for extreme cases, such as rape. Haley Barbour a bill to ban public funding for most abortions, a move that critics said is unnecessary because it repeats what been in state law the past eight years.

We have all seen the hit 90 television show the Fresh Prince of Bel Air where James Avery played Judge Phil Banks http://haathimerasaathi.com/the-series-starts-off-like-an-anime-cliche-with-some-weird/, a University educated lawyer who attend some the best university to earn that degree. Now let just think about how much money that would have costed to take that degree, which could be over 30,000 US dollars I mean who in the hell has the much money lying around. As an American who has attend a trades college I know how hard college and university students, have to work from delivering pizzas in that horrible Honda civic to working many night shifts on the weekends at the local grocery store to pay for that college degree it aint easy man we have all been there. What would make it easy on our poor suffering university and college students, is that we should have more scholarship programs and make a university education less expensive because we need quality educated young people to fill jobs when the older workers retire. As the older workforce in America retires and thinks about playing a few rounds of golf on the golf course of Florida, while sipping a few cold ones and talking about the good old days with their golf buddies about their jobs they worked for over twenty years. Without making college and university education less expensive will our older workers have to work to their dying days at their jobs, and we will find our older worker slumped in his chair exhausted from putting over a fifty hour work week, because there was not young workers in America to fill his role for years to come.

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{October 22, 2013}